Places for People; Places for Books

Finding the right furniture and shelving for a library project is not an easy task! There are so many details for those who take on this responsibility. Will the library hire a contractor (architect or interiors consultant) or use staff that will become actively engaged in this project? It is a combination of people with unique skills that create efficient public spaces that will impact the library for years to come. Libraries are more complex in that they have become community centers and computer labs while maintaining the original role of the library to archive books. Furniture manufacturers are learning that what works today must be able to adapt to what is needed in the future. As libraries change, the interior will evolve into spaces that better serve the people and their ability to access materials in the collection.

The intention of this web site is to centralize resources; contacts, product information and pertinent details necessary to assist you in your project. This growing database will track helpful information incorporating all phases of planning a library interior.